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Your Gut is the heart of Health!

Often, we do things without even knowing it, unconsciously. Especially, when it comes to the foods we eat. It all goes back to the way we were raised. The biggest difference between now and then is that most meals were home cooked. Eventhough, the meals grandma made were not vegetarian or vegan they were a whole lot better for you than McDonald’s! If your grandma was anything like my grandmother, she grew her own garden. As a child I remember being out in a large field of neatly manicured rows that were organized with many different shapes and color vegetables. “Grandma grows our food” I thought to myself. That is something I will always remember, the value in eating proper foods. It’s so unfortunate, that most kids today are not being raised with someone like grandma, that will take the time to teach them about the importance of the foods they eat.

Everything you put in your body goes to the gut which affects cells and organs. Foods affect the ability to either function at full potential or at a decrease level or worse, foods can hinder cells and organs of functioning at all.

When I think about an expecting mother, I think about how conscious she is with what she puts in her body. From the food she eats and drinks, to sugar and chewing gum even to her skin care. During those nine months she nurtures her unborn child as well as herself making sure they get proper vitamins and nutrients to be strong and healthy. Maybe even through the first to fifth year of that child’s life. Then something changes. That same effort in making sure the child gets proper vitamins and nutrients to grow to be strong and healthy diminishes until it is no longer a priority. “What happen? Does mom still care about what I eat? Is she tired of making sure I am strong and healthy? Did she give up? This might seem harsh but that is how this vicious cycle continues to go which can lead to health diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Fortunately, for us our bodies are wonderfully designed to alert us when it is not functioning in the way it should. It gives us signs that are often overlooked or mistaken for something else. Some clues are gas, bloating, acne, dry flakey skin, hair loss, and the list goes on……so, pay attention and take heed because the “gut is the heart of health”!

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